TestMe® as an Evaluation Program


Evaluation Development Environment

Here is a couple of screen dumps from the visual development environment in TestMe when used as an evaluation program.
Since many features are the same as when using TestMe as a test program, only the different features will be described. For a more thorough description, se how TestMe is used as a test program.

You can click on the miniature pictures below to enlarge them.

SkapaUtv_en.gif (13656 byte)
Create window

This is the main window of the program, here displaying a question in an Evaluation.

FritextUtv_en.jpg (48169 byte)
Object Layout

In the Object layout, you can insert the pictures, movies or other objects that you wish to supplement the question with. This is what a question with a free-text answer can look like in the object layout.
The window Object layout shows what the question will look like when the test or Evaluation is test-run.
See also
Questionnaire questions that shows a few other examples of answer alternatives for Evaluations that you can create with TestMe.

ResultatUtv_en.gif (8544 byte)

Here you select how the evaluation results are to be shown.
The functions of the buttons during Evaluations are:
 - 'Free-text answer' displays the texts that the test persons have used for answers.
 - 'Average value' and 'Spreadsheet' add the results from selected names or complete Evaluations and calculates average values for each question.
 - 'Diagram' creates a 3-D diagram with the results for selected names.
 - 'Evaluation questionnaire' creates a document containing all the questions of the questionnaire. The document can be edited and printed out where there is no access to computers.
 - 'Delete' clears the results for the selected names.

ResultatredovisningUtv_en.gif (11506 byte)
Results display

Depending on your choices in the window Results, the results are shown in different ways. You can for instance print, edit or save the results. The picture above shows what a part of the results display can look like when 'Average value' has been selected.

See also some examples of Questionnaire questions.



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