Evaluation Questions Created with TestMe


Examples of answer alternatives during Evaluation
The examples below show some different questionnaire questions and answers created with TestMe for use in Evaluations.
For a comprehensive description, also see how TestMe is used for test questions.

The most important differences between an Evaluation and a Test are as follows:
- The correct answer alternative is not given.
- The questions are not assessed.
- No criteria are used.
- The position of answer options is not random when testing an Evaluation.

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In Evaluations, three variations of answers are possible:

  1. Text as answer.

    TextUtv_en.jpg (50620 byte)

    This answer alternative works in the same way as the corresponding answer alternative in Test, with the exception of the following differences:

  2. Free text as answer.
    In this case the tester enters an answer in a text box in his own words by means of the keyboard. It is not possible to calculate an average value when this answer alternative is used.

  3. Numerical value as answer.

    TalUtv_en.jpg (47745 byte)

    With this option you can choose between selecting a minimum of two (0-1) and a maximum of nine (0-8) steps on a scale.



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