Are you tired of grading tests and compiling evaluations?
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TestMe !


What is TestMe?

TestMe is a powerful tool that helps you create, administer and test different kinds of computer tests and tests of knowledge. 
Besides that, you can easily create questionnaires and inquiry forms and conduct Evaluations with TestMe.
Some of the possible areas of usage are education, validation, quality analyses, certification, staff questionnaires, customer polls etc.

Who can gain from using TestMe?
TestMe is designed to be used everywhere where there is a need for testing the knowledge and/or evaluating the business, either for single persons or for a group of persons.
TestMe can be used at all levels of education, from elementary school up to university level, and for in-house training in small and large companies.  
All you need is access to at least one computer since the Tests and Evaluations are both created and run in the computer.

How does it work?
TestMe consists of two parts: a Create Part (with integrated Test Part) and a separate Test Part. The Tests are created, controlled and administrated in the Create Part.
The separate Test Part is used for Tests in network.

Which are the main advantages of TestMe?

  • User-friendly.

  • Two functions integrated into one program.
    With TestMe you can manage both Tests and Evaluations in the computer.

  • Easy administration of the test results: you do not have to create any data bases.

  • You save time by means of automatic grading of the Test and compilation of the Evaluation results.

  • You can use TestMe for a lot more than just multiple-choice questions.

  • By setting criteria for a Test, a grade is set automatically.

  • The test results are saved with information such as name, test answers, test duration, grades etc. The results from Tests and Evaluations can be edited and printed out on paper.

  • The results can be transferred to spreadsheets (file extension XLS), which allows for integration with other programs for further processing.

  • Test and questionnaires can be printed out on paper where there is no access to computers. Picture objects included in a Test are printed out too.

  • Objects can be inserted for creating Tests and Evaluations with sound, pictures and films etc.

  • A number of functions makes cheating during tests harder.

  • Save time and rationalize by organizing group tests in your local network.

Disadvantages with TestMe?
TestMe is not free, but you can download a free demo where you can check out the functions of the program before purchase.



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