How to Install TestMe



Installation in general
Before installing TestMe you need to make sure that you are allowed to install programs on your computer. Certain authorizations are needed to install system files and add program groups to the Start menu.

Installation of the Create part
If you are going to use the program for individual tests, install the Create part on the hard drive of the computer. The same program is used by both the creator and administrator of the tests and the test person.
It is advisable to install the Create part once for every user when using the program for more extensive test activity. By doing so, administering the tests becomes easier since the users only have access to their own tests.

Start by downloading
the Create part of TestMe.

  1. Then run the file you have downloaded, TMcre501.exe, for instance by using the Control Panel - Add new software).

  2. Preset destination of the installation is: 'C:\Program\TestMe Create'. If you wish to install the program somewhere else, you change the destination to for instance 'F:\Program\TestMe Create'.

  3. When you start the Create part, you can enter the search path to a shared test folder if you want to run network tests, and if the network administrator has set an appropriate user level. Click on 'Search for Test folder' and browse for the shared network folder.
    If you are going to use TestMe locally, click directly on 'OK' in the dialog box Test folder.
    See the help file that can be found in the Create part of TestMe for further information about installation etc.

Installation of separate Test part in a network
The most efficient use of TestMe is obtained in a network, since more than one person can be tested at the same time.
The Test part is installed locally on each computer that is going to be used as a test computer. Provided that the network administrator has set appropriate write and
read rights (see the Create part help file section 'Search path to Test folder'), it is possible to enter a search path to the shared test folder where the tests created in the Create part of TestMe have been sent.
The Test folder should be shared with a separate user with the same name as the resource. By doing so, creating more users and resources for the Test part becomes much easier. Additionally, distribution of the tests from the Create part of TestMe becomes much easier.

Download the Test part of TestMe, and run the file TMtes501.exe (for instance from the Control Panel - Add and remove programs).

Preset destination of the installation is: 'C:\Program\TestMe Test'. When you use TestMe for the first time, you will be asked to enter a password. The password is used for entering or changing the search path to the shared test folder or the search path to a temporary results folder.
If there is a test in the shared test folder, it is now possible to open it.

If any problem arises during installation, don't hesitate to contact us.



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