TestMe® as a Test Program


Test development environment

Here is a couple of screen dumps from the visual development environment in TestMe when used as a test program.
You can click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

Start_en.gif (5104 byte)
Start window

Here above the start window of the program is shown, where you cant test run a test or an Evaluation. Here you can also select if you want to create a Test or an Evaluation, or if you want to check the Results.
The list on the left side of the picture shows the completed Test and Evaluations that can be test-run.

Skapa_en.gif (13569 byte)
Create window

This is the main window of the program, here displaying a question in a Test. Here you can create new Tests and Evaluations or open, import and save existing Tests and Evaluations.
In the tool-field an in the menus, you can easily reach the different functions of the program.
Here you can make your test settings, browse between the questions, enter a caption, any extra information, questions, answer alternatives etc. Here you select what type of question to be created.
If TestMe is used in a network, the tests are activated by pressing the button 'Test activation'.

ObjektLayout_en.gif (79745 byte)

In the Object layout, you can insert the pictures, movies or other objects that you wish to supplement the question with. Here you can also enter the text and select background colors for the text boxes by means of the dialog box 'Sign and Background'.
The picture above also shows the dialog box 'Background', where you can insert a background picture or select a background color.
The window Object layout displays what the question will look like when the Test or the Evaluation is tested. Also see
test questions that show some other examples of questions that you can create with TestMe.

ResultatLayout_en.gif (107752 byte)
Results Layout

This is how the test results and comments will be shown when a Test has been test-run. Here you can enter texts, background colors or insert a background picture. There is no display of points score in an Evaluation.

Tecken_Bakgrund_Symbol_en.gif (22008 byte)
Sign and Background

In this window you can edit texts, select font, color, size, alignment, special characters etc. You can also select a background color for the texts.

Resultat_.gif (9940 byte)

Here you select how the test results are to be shown. The functions of the buttons during tests are:

- 'Test result' displays, besides Name, Date, Time etc. also the results for each question.
- 'Details' displays what answer the test person has given to each question, the answer alternatives etc, in addition to the information given above.
- 'Overview' displays the results for the names that have been selected.
- 'Diagram' creates a 3-D diagram with the results for the selected names.
- 'Spreadsheet' creates a spreadsheet with the results for the selected names.
- 'Test without computer' creates a file with the extension RTF, containing all the questions of the Test and with any possible objects, for print-outs where there is no computer access.
- 'Criteria' displays the grade levels of the Test.
- 'Delete' clears the results for the selected names.

Resultatredovisning_en.gif (14811 byte)
Results display

Depending on your choices in the window Results, the results are shown in different ways. You can for instance print, edit or save the results. The picture above shows what a results display can look like when 'Overview' has been selected.

Diagram_en.gif (17629 byte)
Test result diagrams

A graphic display of the results for an easy comparison of the answers.

Kalkylark_en.gif (11184 byte)

If there is a program on the computer that can open a file with the file extension XLS, the program is opened and it is possible to process the results further.

Kriterier_en.gif (9212 byte)

Here it is possible to set different levels for each grade (not available in the demo version). For each level you can enter a comment that is shown when a Test has been test-run.

TestAktivering_en.gif (5528 byte)
Test activation

If separate Test Parts exist at another location in a local network, Tests can be exported to a shared Test folder and be used by more than one user at the same time.

See also some examples of test questions.



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