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Examples of answer alternatives during Tests
The examples below show some different questions and answers created with TestMe. As you can see, you have many possibilities to design and customize a Test or an Evaluation according to your requirements. It is only your imagination and creativity that set the limits for what TestMe can be used for.
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It is possible to create five different types of answers in TestMe when you create a Test:

  1. Text as answer.

    Tiger_en.jpg (82963 byte)

    The answer alternatives can consist of two to five different texts. You can choose either to let only one answer to be correct, or to create multiple choice questions where more than one answer cam be correct.
    It is also possible to combine the question with one or more objects (a picture, for instance). You insert the objects directly from your existing files or create new objects from programs that support OLE (Object Linking and Embedding).
    The picture also shows the dialog box 'Properties' where you can enter how the objects are to be shown.

  2. Objects as answer.

    Ljud_en.jpg (80784 byte)

    In this case, the answers consist of objects. It is possible to use two to five objects and you can choose either to let only one object be the correct answer, or create multiple choice questions.
    Here is an example of two picture objects combined with two sound objects.

  3. Area as answer.

    Help_en.jpg (77379 byte)

    By first inserting an object as background, and then inserting one or several transparent areas that make up the correct answer, you can create questions about anything that can be depicted.
    The example shows a question where the background is inserted from TestMe and where the correct answers 'help menu' and 'help button' are highlighted. The areas on the help menu and the button with the question mark are both correct answers, and the rest of the picture is the wrong answer.

  4. Words as answers

    Language_en.jpg (71646 byte)

    This type of answer the test person enters the answer in a text box. You can enter up to ten alternative answers for one question. The example shows how the answer type is used for a translation question. Here several answers can be correct, such as 'experiment' or 'trial'.
    You can also select a more generous interpretation of the answer by letting the correct answer make up a part of the answer given by the test person. Then an answer such as 'the answer is test' would be correct.
    A picture object has been inserted to make the question clearer.

  5. Numerical value as answer.

    Pi_en.jpg (106925 byte)

    In many contexts it may be appropriate to answer with a numerical value. By allowing a certain amount of deviation from the exact answer, it is also possible to use decimal numbers.
    The example below shows how the answer type can be used for a mathematical exercise. The answer to the question is a number with an infinite number of decimals, but by allowing a certain amount of deviation it is possible to control which answers are accepted.
    The picture also shows the dialog box 'Sign and Background', where it is possible to format text etc.

If you want to find out more about the features of TestMe, you can download a free demo with more examples.



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